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The Plot Thickens...

Okay, this is getting strange. I can't begin to guess what's really going on, but here are some additional facts I noticed this afternoon:

I had my desktop computer on just after lunchtime, the one that's losing the internet every two-three hours. At the same time I set up my laptop and plugged a third ethernet wire in to see if the internet drops on the laptop. (Ethernet wire is still connected to the desktop.) I did not turn off my desktop -- I am sitting at it with my laptop in front of it.

At about 3:00, the internet dropped on my desktop, and BRIEFLY, only temporarily, on my laptop (I think at about the same time). However, the internet returned to my laptop after a minute or two with no intervention from me. Didn't reboot, didn't do anything. Desktop's internet still seemed to be down.

This time I decided not to reboot my desktop, because I'm working with my laptop anyway.

3:37 p.m., I received an email in my Yahoo account -- ON THE DESKTOP. 4:04 p.m., I received another one. However, I cannot receive any email through a different business email address that's configured through Outlook, and I can't go to web pages. I also can't look up words in the dictionary through Microsoft Word's Dictionary function. However, I can receive Yahoo email. I can open it up, but I can't "Show Pictures" and read the entire email.


Right now I am posting to Cybertech Help on my laptop, however, not everything has "filled in" -- mainly I mean the picture on the top left on the Home page. Does this seem like I'm having some kind of a weak signal problem with the internet, perhaps?


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