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Hi all, have been discussing this offline with Dave (Mr Lufbra) on Facebook.

I was initially suspecting DHCP lease expiry for the desktop but the latest diagnostics kind of puts that in the unlikely basket.

This is not an issue with the Modem or internet service, since Dave's desktop is fine when yours drops or starts getting flaky.

I'm going to need you to run some command-line tools.

Open an administrator command prompt.
Type the following commands:
ipconfig /release [ENTER]
ipconfig /renew [ENTER]
ipconfig /flushdns [ENTER]

See if that helps.

If not, open the command prompt again and type
ipconfig /all [ENTER]
Copy and paste the results into a private message and send it to me (it may contain public IP address info that you should not post on a public forum).
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