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Sorry, Jintan, but your last post was VERY CONFUSING.

You say, "Since you are still testing whether or not that one stick you removed was causing the blue screens,"

Uh, no.

No, as I thought I clearly said, I am NOT still testing that one stick by itself.

I thought I had Clearly Said that I was leaving it in but ALSO adding in two brand
new RAM sticks.

About seven thousand times now in this thread I have asked the question:
"Can a RAM stick be PARTIALLY bad, or is it either fully functional or completely dead?"

So far, I have not seen any answer.

Since that is the case, I left the one old stick in

Now, I have asked, 'should I ALSO put back in the OTHER old stick?"

And, as usual, not really getting DIRECT aswers to SPECIFIC Questions.

Tired of this.