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Welcome to CTH, salaka.

Before we start working with your log, you are running Hijack This from a temporary location. If we leave it where it is, backups will not be saved so lets move the file to it's own folder in C:\Program Files.

To do this, go here:

and download Move_HijackThis.vbs to your Desktop.

Doubleclick on Move_hijackthis.vbs to run it. If you get a warning about a malicious script, please ignore that and allow this to run. This file was written by Mosaic1. She is a Hijack Advisor here and an expert in malware removal.

When the script has finished running, it will start Hijackthis from its new location in C:\Program Files\Hijackthis\hijackthis.exe. To run Hijack This next time, please go to C:\Programs Files or use the Run box.

Please download and launch this uninstaller:

Restart your computer and
download CWShredder from here:

and have it ready to use.

Next, download from here to your desktop. Once downloaded, rightclick on a blank part of your desktop and select New Folder. Call it spfix and unzip the file into that folder.

Disconnect from the net and close all open programs (including anything running in your System Tray). Run 'SpSeHjfix'. and click on "Start Disinfection". When it's finished it will reboot your machine to finish the cleaning process. The tool creates a log of the fix which will appear in the folder.

If it doesn't find any of the SE files or any hidden reinstallers it will say system clean and not go on to next stage

Now run CWShredder and hit the "Fix" button.

Reboot and post a fresh Hijack This log and the log that was created by 'SpSeHjfix'.
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