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DOS--Win3.1 ...and ...newer!

(first post here..hello world)
I had a bad dream yesterday - my old 40Mb HDD craoked and took out my Win3.1 and DOS OS which I use a few times each year.
(OK I could find newer programs, but I like the DOS-based drawing's lightning fast and behaves like a sheet of paper and compass.).

I have the software on floppies so it can be reloaded.....but can I rebuild a PC to replace the old one whenever it does fail (eg due to lightning surges etc...HDD failure...grief it's 10+years old! - mindyou it's considerable size - perhaps I'm being lucky, as I run the PC for a few hours just to charge-up the BIOS battery).

I still have a PC with this on, but now I'm with Win98SE.
As others here have suggested there were some improvement - BUT - if you don't use the PC for that application....stick with it.

One reason I'm reluctant to pay serious money for XP is the confusion over the Hardware Changes - where you have to go to Microsoft to get-back your computer - it's as though they treat every "customer" as a criminal.....and I don't like it.
Furthermore I don't like the notion that MS can switch-off support for an OS that cost good momney and should work for many years to come. I have a marble clock in the hallway - do I have to re-register, every time it needs winding? ...and I expect to leave it to MY children, fully working.

MS DOwnloads - GREAT you guys - I would like to have a definative copy of files (with instructions!) so I can load an elderly PC with Win3.1(and DOS5) to give them a go.
Seems a CD with the whole thing on would be a good idea - if DOS5 can be pursuaded to permit a CD-rom.....I wonder if it would? Must be MSCDEX or similar....anyone?

Great site... too long,
sorry guys.