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What Should I Think

I've got myself into a mental pickle and I'd like to ask for some thoughts, please.

Firstly, I am sitting on a fence on this and at this writing I do not know into whose pasture I am going to jump. I told the media company I would not go public and I told the police the same thing, BUT that was before I realized they might just ignore me, in a manner of speaking.

By "manner of speaking" I mean that some polite style responses were sent to me about how I was helpful and thank you this and that but then silence. Silence before I was sure that the situation has been properly dealt with.

So I will remain circumvent in the opening posts here, but ask for some advice. As time progresses I may just start to be less circumvent and eventually go public with what happened and what I did and why I feel very strange.

I know these opening paragraphs are strange, but I did warn you about a pickled brain -- mine.

How common would any of you feel it could be that a major media company's landing page was throwing out fake malware alerts?

Now, before you start thinking that I am mistaken in what I am stating as happening, let me explain that the third time I was prepared and I have a screen grab, the URLs, and the complete cookie files with all cookies.

You see, I cleared all browser history and all cookies and I have software on this unit for seeing and saving browser history and also software for saving cookie files and what is in them.

There is no doubt at all that it was a fake malware alert.

But I am now beginning to think that this isn't so serious and so my efforts to report this to the media company and the police was just plain stupid. Was it?
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