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Ned, maybe right.......

Make sure you have the latest drivers for your printer/scanner.

Inljet cartridges don't have a very good shelf life.

I bought cartridges that were 2 years or older for my Canon Inkjet.
Only too find that they had dried up, or the heads had become clogged.

You said you did a reboot of the printer?

The best reset way I found was this method;
  • 1) Shut down the Computer and Printer.
  • 2) Unplug the Printer from the AC Wall Socket.
  • 3) Disconnect any Cables to the Printer.
  • 4) Press or Turn On the Power Button\Switch for 30 Seconds.
After you do this.
Put the Power Button\Switch on the Printer in the Off position.
Then reconnect the cables and the AC power cables.

Next: Turn on the Computer and Printer, and do a test sheet.

Signed: Ensign Tzap
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