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But what I am saying is MUSIC IS NOT RECORDED ON ANALOG TAPE NOW,its 100% digital
And I am saying that is incorrect!

While certainly still a small percentage, more and more of today's recorded music is slated for vinyl right from the start. So it goes from microphone (which is always analog), through analog mixers and directly on to tape in analog format where it is then pressed on to vinyl. Analog from start to finish, or "AAA" (Analog recording equipment, Analog mastering, Analog media). No A/D or D/A conversion.

Yes, at some point later those recordings surely will be converted to digital format for streaming, etc. But the impetus behind the resurgence of vinyl is not nostalgia for vinyl records. Its because many people simply prefer to tonal qualities analog recordings and reproduction provides.

For the record and full disclosure - as seen via the link in my signature, my entire professional career was supporting Air Traffic Control communications systems and IS/IT systems. But my "first love" in electronics was with audiophile quality sound reproduction. I was even fortunate one year to help out the Mannheim Steamroller (who are headquarterd here in Nebraska) sound engineers with a benefit concert they were giving for the military.

I'm just saying keeping up with the latest technologies and trends is what I do - not just for a living, but for fun too.
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