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Originally Posted by zipulrich
Great album. 3/4 of Beck, Bogert & Appice.
Jim McCarty's no slouch, either.
Yea I love it ZIP!!

I tell ya since I got a record player again (A 1968 beautfiul one (all 4 speeds)) i have collected alot of 60s and 70s rock bands amoung others.... 70s was the ultimate time for rock and roll!! (Slowly started to drop off in the 80s )

I hadnt ever heard of CACTUS and saw the album the other day @ salvation army and didnt know what kind of music they played.. When i saw "This album should be played at HIGH level" I figured it was rock and wanted to give them a try!! (I figured seeing it was from 1969/70 it would be awesome)

Im glad I did,like you said ITS GREAT!! -- One time I got another album from a band I didnt know (1986) and it was horrible!!! -- Swearing in the songs,couldnt understand them sometimes,etc..... I got rid of it the next day (Also Rock)

I love analog!! -- Simply beautiful in a way that cant ever be had again... (I am grateful for the analog media I have been able to find!!)

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