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Thank you for your attention, Renegade 600 and Digerati.

Renegade, it's not in my startup folder in Task Manager. I may not have been clear enough about that in my original post.

Digerati, I did not purchase Outlook because I've never used it in my life. I didn't purchase Office because I don't use that either, but the computer came with Microsoft Office 2016 tools.

When the computer starts, several apps start before Outlook. F.lux is the first, followed by the Steam client. Then tonight I saw a quick flash of a Microsoft Office window, then the Outlook welcome window that asks me to add an account. The Details tab of Task Manager shows Outlook.exe running, along with OfficeClickToRun.exe (which I would never use, either. I don't use Office.)

I sure am grateful for the attention, even though work kept me from responding as promptly as I wanted.
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