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Glad I'm reading through this now! I'm experiencing similar problems while playing World of Warcraft, with the FPS simply going through the floor. I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop with an ATI Radeon 9M in it, and my computer does simply shut itself off if I don't have the cooling fanpad underneath it running. That helps a good amount, but reading through this it seems as if I /might/ be able to increase the fan speed of the core fan in the laptop with those ATI Tray tools.

My question is, I've always been really hesitant of overclocking. I know it fries out the videocard if you're not extremely careful, and while I'd love to play World of Warcraft without it being a bunch of pictures clicking together, I'd also love to not have to buy a whole new video card or more. My question is: this seems to have controls for overclocking the fan itself. Does overclocking the fan hold any risks? Can you only make the fan run faster without any risk to any of the other internal components or the fan itself?

I'm also just thinking of upgrading my 256 memory stick up to a 512 so I've got the full 1G of max RAM - I just don't know if that extra 256 memory is /really/ going to make /all/ that much of a difference in the end for an extra $50. Ideas/opinions, anyone?