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What to do if your topic has not been answered (Malware Removal Forum only)

This thread is for unanswered posts in the Cyber Safety Forum only.

Doubleposting can cause confusion and bumping your post may lead those who may have been able to help to think you have had a reply.

If your post in the Cyber Safety Forum has gone two days or more without a response, please post a link only to it in this thread and we will answer it just as soon as we can.

*EDIT* Many of the people who help with logs, live in different timezones. This thread is to help members who's posts may have been overlooked so please do not use as a means to get a faster reply. Don't post links unless your thread has been unanswered for at least 48 hours. The same applies to topics that have been answered but have been sitting without any further replies for more than 48 hours. Requests posted here that are less than the time limits posted will be deleted.

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