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List of free alternative software

This list exists to inform users of free alternatives to common (or not so common) commercial software.
Anyone is free to submit suggestions to add to the list, and the index in this post will be updated accordingly. There are also several guidelines to follow:
  1. Each post may contain a brief overview/review of the software (full reviews should not be written in this thread, make a new thread in the parent category), links to full reviews, or any other short comments/notes if desired, but at the bare minimum the name of the program, a link to it's official website/download page (no links to download sites like CNET downloads, unless the software doesn't have an official site and absolutely cannot be downloaded from any other source), the platform of the software (Win32/Win64/Linux/Mac), plus of course the name of the program to which your suggestion is an alternative. If you can follow the same template I use, that would be great and would keep everything nice and consistent, but again is not required.
  2. The software must be free - that is:
    • 100% free software (freeware) for home and/or corporate use - no spyware, adware, malware, nagware, shareware, trial versions, etc.
    • Free open source software.
  3. The software must be an alternative to a commercial product (even if it is a free commercial product, such as Adobe Reader) - while some free software are handy little innovative tools, this is not a list for them
  4. The software must be legal both in its existence (ie. no warez/pirated software or giving out keys for commercial apps), and in its functionality (no software that is solely designed to perform/assist in illegal activies, such as keygens, encryption-breakers or DRM-removers) - if in a grey area, the software must have been deemed legal in it's country of origin (use your best judgement if unsure).
  5. Since this thread is in the Software Downloads & Reviews section, the same rules apply: this is not a place to post questions or problems with the listed or any other software, or for help/suggestions in finding said software. Posts of such will be moved or deleted at the discretion of the forum moderators.
  6. In addition to the above, you of course also have to abide by the CTH Terms of Use and Forum Rules.
  7. Only one piece of software per post (to make index linking easier), however the software may be an alternative to several products, in which case you can simply list all the products it is an alternative to.
  8. Please disable signatures when posting, to help keep the thread tidy.

For convenience, here is the template I use, if anyone wishes to follow it:
[b]Name: [/b]
[b]URL: [/b]
[b]License: [/b]
[b]Platform: [/b]
[b]Alternative to: [/b]
[b]Review: [/b]
("Review" is optional, and may be removed, or replaced/additioned with "Comments" or "Notes")