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wireless dispaly problem

I am trying to get my laptop to project to my TV through my Roku device. When I start it, it shows up on the TV and I clicked always allow, then it shows that it's connecting and then the TV goes black and I get a message on my computer that it can't connect. I'm using a Lenovo laptop with windows 10 home. I am trying to connect via: settings > display >connect to a wireless display. Thanks for any suggestions. It's been a very long time since I have been on this site. So long I had to re-register. I have learned a lot from the people here and I greatly appreciate it. It seems I have to somewhat start over now going from Vista to Win10 and a laptop. I'm a machinist. Not a computer guy but I do my best. I really don't understand networks very much. I know my laptop and my Roku are both hooked into my router. Roku wireless and laptop sometimes wired and sometimes wireless.
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