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missing files after windows 98 SE installation


I'm getting an error that he is missing vnetsup.vxd, then vredir.vxd, and then dfs.vxd.

After i press enter three times windows will start up. I get another error saying something about a dynamic link.

Unable to load the dynamic link library:

The system cannot find the file specified:
Microsoft Network

Anyway i have try to install a PCMCIA network card, with the driver on a cd, he asks for the cd win98 second edition. But when i insert it, he doesn't find the files on it. And this is why he causes the error because i don't finish the complete installation of the network card. But the card is working after this, but i do get the errors.

Also when i try to make a bootdisk, he asks for the win98 se cd, but he doesn't find the files either. I have tried almost everything and i really need help.
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