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free disc space,memory, and free system resources

In 'my computer', c disc, properties, it says I used 5.54GB and have left 2.38 GB. The capacity is 7.85GB. How does that fit in with system performance in control panel saying system resources are 82% free and that I also have a memory of 160 MB RAM? It came with 64 but more was added to total 160 (how is the 7.85 GB related to 160 MB memory?). When I look at the disc cleanup it says I would only free up to 3.74 MB which seems negligible to giving me significantly more disc space. I haven't really downloaded much(or so I think) so what is taking up so much space? How many MB's of disc space does the software that came with windows 98 take up . Maybe you could tell me some key words that I could type in the 'search' function of this forum to study these issues. thank you.
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