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We receive these Christmas specials here in Australia.

Most British TV serials are produced in a group of episodes typically 7 or 13 episodes per series, with successive series being written and produced only when viewer numbers warrant it. Usually there is a Christmas special produced as a totally separate show, often of longer duration and sometimes incorporating characters who have dropped out of the mainstream series. The story line in the Christmas special is often light-hearted and sometimes takes a different tack to the mainstream series.

The typical British series is written and filmed in entirety before any episodes are shown on TV.

There have been a few British serials which are produced in the same way as American serials, being written and filmed at the same time as episodes are being shown. The Bill, Taggart, Coronation Street etc. being examples of this.

Problems can occur with this type of production when an actor leaves or dies.

I have found it disconcerting when an episode has a different actor playing a part that was previously played by someone else. Or a character who died in the series, comes back as someone else.
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