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Screen tear only in games

Hello all

Firstly, I have just upgraded from vista to 7 32bit all I can say is WOW! Everything runs amazingly I have even seen a decent increase in FPS ( clean install? windows 7 driver better? who know... I'm just happy =) )

I'm just having one annoying issue with screen tear in all games in the top half of my screen , here is what I tried so far.

Ensured I have latest drivers for my gtx 260
Enabled / Disabled vsync
I have lowered the refresh rate, I can set to a max of 60mhz so have tried 59, 50.
Lowered in game resolutions
Lowered / disabled in game settings
I'm using DVI connection ( guess this is why I can only have 60hz max? )
Gaming at 1920x1080

all to no avail, at a bit of a dead end here

any help would be amazing my spec should hopefully be in my sig but please let me know of any more info you may need

Many Thanks
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