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Slickazzshooter, you should start a thread in the xp or hardware forum, keeps confusion to a minimum. But to answer your question, yeah, 512mb is basically the minimum for running XP. I know MS calls for a bare minimum of 64mb and recommends 128mb, but in real life the more ram the better. In your case adjust visual effects for best performance, that should make XP a bit more responsive at the cost of visual effects.

#ELMO#, Looking at the elite 330, (don't know if thats your case or not) It comes with one exhaust fan, but looks like room @ the front for an intake that will blow across the HD , also the side intake (below the intake hood for cpu), should probably get one too.

That will turn the "negative pressure" case cooling into a "Positive" one. Downside is more fans + more noise, and you'll need to blow the system out a little more often.
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