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Ok you have a computer and it has more than one hard drive.

The hard drive you had Window XP on is dead. The drive has failed, they just don't last forever.
Your other drives are plugged into a PCI card and if there are wide ribbons connecting the drives to the PCI
card then that PCI card is an "IDE" PCI card.

Older hard drives are IDE and newer hard drives are "SATA". SATA is a thin flat cable with a way smaller plug
on each end (compared to an IDE ribbon's plugs). Plugs on ribbons and cables are called "molexes".

My guess is (because you never mentioned type, make, or model of your drives) that you have IDE drives.
Now your asking "how to get Windows XP on one of the other IDE drives plugged into the PCI card"
and to do that you need a Windows XP CD (or Windows XP DVD). If you don't have one you can't put XP
on anything. You can't use your dead IDE drive that is gone. Even if it was running perfectly the process
to "Clone" or "Image" that drive is complex and in the advanced user category. But your drive is dead so
it's not even an option.
Whatever-I would like to figure out how to put the Windows XP on the other drive.
Think of the Windows XP DVD as a jar of strawberry jam and your two remaining drives as two pieces of bread.
..."how do I make a strawberry jam sandwich without a jar of strawberry jam?"
You don't, you have two pieces of bread and that's all your going to taste, no XP DVD, no jam.
I don't understand what you mean by seeing the drive to see if the data is recoverable
This is done by removing the dead drive and plugging it into a working Windows computer. A computer
like yours isn't going to see anything but the BIOS settings. Pushing the delete key during the startup
will enter the BIOS settings and if a dead drive shows it's model in the BIOS settings then there *may*
be a chance of recovering files, but your not going to get Windows XP "copied" from that drive in any way.

You need a Windows DVD.
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