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In the BIOs under Hard Disk Drive Sequence the order is :

1. System BIOS boot devices
2. Hard dsk drive (not installed)
3. Hard disk drive (not installed)

In the Boot Sequence it is as follows:

1. IDE CD-ROM Device
2. Diskette Drive
3. Hard-Disk Drive c:

They are all checked. The SATA drives are not on there.

My question was what to download on the Knoppix site. There are so many options I don't know which one to pick.

EDIT: I downloaded v 3.9 and made a bootable disk-it is booting the c drive right now and I am in-but I have no idea where to find the files I want to copy-they are Microsoft Outlook email info, some pictures-and the Sim2 game files-but I'll keep poking around.

It looks like the C drive at least still has the information.

The Knoppix is also picking up the SATA drives.

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