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Originally Posted by Pepper2003 View Post
Hard Disk Drive Sequence

2. Hard dsk drive (not installed)
3. Hard disk drive (not installed)
For each of those drives get the highlight on top of the drive, hit the enter key and select "Installed"
In the Boot Sequence it is as follows:

1. IDE CD-ROM Device
2. Diskette Drive
3. Hard-Disk Drive c:
Same with this area, you get the highlight on top of #3 (Hard-Disk Drive c:) and hit enter for other selections.

They are all checked. The SATA drives are not on there.
They should be after you select "Installed" on each of them.

what to download on the Knoppix site. There are so many options I don't know which one to pick.
It's all the same download, just a bazillion different places to download from in case one isn't working.

I have no idea where to find the files I want to copy-they are Microsoft Outlook email info
Outlook emails are under one compressed file Outlook.pst it's usually stored in
C:\Document and Settings\(your user name)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst
Also in there are *.dbx files for every folder you created in Outlook. The Outlook.pst might not be there,
you have to actually create one in Outlook or after some time in using Outlook it will popup a message one day
saying something to the effect of "Do you want to compress files...blah blah".

If you didn't say "Yes" then no Outlook.pst was created. For your account information those files are *.aif files
and again unless you actually "Exported" an Outlook account you won't have any *.aif file(s).

This is one of the reasons computer World shouts "BACK UP! BACK UP!" all the time because you can get into these
situations where all your "goo" is on one drive and the drive is "pooched". You are luckier than many, at least you can
see files in Knoppix. Many don't even get the drive recognized because the failure is too severe.

It looks like the C drive at least still has the information.
Yes, and when you have an operating system going (Windows) you can have a whack at PC Inspector for recovering files as well as deleted files as well.
Love that program, works well and it's free.
The Knoppix is also picking up the SATA drives.
So will your Dell once you select "Installed" on each of them in the BIOS.
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