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Hard to say at this point. Is the notebook fully updated? Including the network adapter drivers?

Range is big factor. So are the number of barriers (walls, floors, ceilings) between the notebook and the WAP (wireless access point - typically integrated with router). The construction of those barriers (concrete block, wallboard, wood or metal studs), and thickness of those barriers. Even the content of those barriers (metal pipes, wires) can make a difference.

Interference from other nearby electronics like TVs, microwave ovens, cell towers can affect reception as can large metal surfaces like the sides of refrigerators or file cabinets.

Simply moving the WAP to a higher and central location may help. If it has external antennas, moving them about. If it does not have external antennas, just turning the WAP 90 may help.

Do other computers connect fine? Are you in a crowded wifi neighborhood, like in or near a large apartment complex? If so, you might have to change wifi channels in your WAP.

You may have to switch to a different wifi adapter. I recommend one like this. Note it has an external antennas that you can either adjust their orientation when connected directly to your notebook, or with a USB cable, move the antenna to a higher location with its small base. USB 3.0, 802.11ac, and dual band, gives you the most flexibility and future proofing.
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