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Where is the sound coming from? From inside the computer case or through the speakers?

If from inside the computer case, you will need to remove the side panel then poke your head in there while it is making the noise to "see and hear" if you can pinpoint the source.

Hopefully, it will be something simple like a fan blade scraping a wire - but sadly it sounds (no pun intended) like something else.

The fact it only does it in the morning when it has completely cooled down suggests it is a motor and the bearings are beginning to wear. Hopefully, it will be a fan motor as fans are much easier (and cheaper) to replace. But sadly, this could be a drive motor too.

So for sure, you need to make sure you have a backup of any data you don't want to loose because if a motor, it WILL seize up completely - eventually.

If you cannot pinpoint the source with your ears, gently touch the center hub of each fan for just a second. If the noise is coming from that fan, you will easily hear a change in the noise as the rotation speed slows down and then returns. If no change, move to the next fan.

For fans hard to reach, use a wooden Popsicle/glue/cuticle stick to gently slow down the fan.

Note if your PC has a separate graphics card and it has a fan, it is likely located under the card and may be harder to see and reach.

If all the fans are good, then it likely is a hard drive. If you have more than one hard drive, you can often rest your finger on the drive's case and feel for excessive vibrations coming from within to pinpoint which drive is failing. If you cannot isolate the offending drive that way, it may be necessary to unmount and slide out the drive from the drive bay, one drive at a time. Then, with the drive still connect to the cables, swing the drive outside the case and boot. If that drive is making the noise, it should be easy to hear the noise is coming from it.

Good luck.
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