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Originally Posted by lufbra View Post
The word hypocrite springs to mind!!
Ooh! unkind, I remember a rebuke from you when I was unkind to another member, pot, kettle, black!

Total Noob

You have your photos securely stored on your thumb drive and presumably on your PC as you originally described this exercise as a backup. So what's the worry?

Some years ago I stored some photos on one of these free servers as a backup, then decided I wanted my backup somewhere that I owned, so I copied them from my PC to my alternate storage. They are still on the free server somewhere, I have no idea where, nor do I have any interest in finding out, I have forgotten any username or password. The photos were my amateur attempts at photography, nothing of any value or secrecy. In fact till you brought this subject up, I'd forgotten about them, I expect I'll soon forget again.

Does it matter?

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