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Hi, no the Bonjour service is still running to disable it open a cmd as admin (as shown) and copy paste:-

sc config mDNSResponder start= disabled (press enter) mDNSResponder is the service name for Bonjour.

Your blue screen is caused by a driver stuck in a loop, typically this is a BIOS problem or a software problem(not hardware). Usually it is the Graphics card driver. So open device manager and update the driver for your video card. If your MB manufacturer has an update for your BIOS install this. If you need help with the video driver open a cmd as admin (as shown) and copy paste:-

wmic PATH Win32_VideoController GET Description,PNPDeviceID /Format:List > 0 & notepad 0

Press enter, post the notepad outcome here if needed.

EDIT:- sorry I just noticed we already have your video card details, so ignore the last cmd.

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