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Hello! My friend has been having troubles with his computer recently. Here is what he told me:

“I have a Dell desktop computer that runs Windows 8.1. My computer has been crashing a lot recently which started during the beginning of June. I never used to experience these crashes before in previous months and my computer used to work fine until now. Whenever my computer crashes, it tells me that it ran into a problem and needs to restart. It usually tells me to look up this error message online later: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. I am unable to refresh or factory reset my computer in an attempt to solve the issue because it gives me this error message: “Could not find the recovery environment: Insert your Windows installation or recovery media, and restart your PC with the media.” My computer tends to freeze for a few moments before crashing. It crashes most often when I have too many tabs open in Internet Explorer or whenever I’m playing the MMORPG game Elsword.

I used to have 164 registry errors before. However, my computer still worked fine. At one point, I tried to download the game Maplestory for my younger sisters to play. Unfortunately, I could not finish the download which was at 39% and unplugged my computer while the download continued. When I turned on my computer again, the registry errors jumped from 164 to 187. I used to have the old Maplestory launcher called MSSetupv139, which would automatically open everyday asking me to sign in to my Nexon account. I planned on uninstalling this old launcher. I told a friend about my computer troubles and they suggested that I download and install Avast! Antivirus for free to check if the cause of my crashes could be because of a virus. When I scanned my computer, it did find malware, corrupted files, etc and uninstalled the old Maplestory launcher for me, however it did not find any viruses when I scanned a second time. The only problem that my computer had was performance issues which I could not fix because I would need to pay for the software to fix those issues. I mention this because the crashes started to occur days after I did not let the Maplestory download finish.

Today, I had 7 tabs open in Internet Explorer and I was also playing Elsword. My computer suddenly froze for 2 minutes and I also heard the music I was playing in the background stop on the same note before it crashed. Afterwards, my computer restarted and I managed to write down the error code. I then started Internet Explorer again and reopened the previous tabs that I had accidentally, which I tried to delete as quickly as possible. However, my computer froze again for 4 minutes and I unplugged my computer. I then plugged it in and started it up again. I opened Internet Explorer and only had Facebook open and Elsword open. Then an error message popped up saying “client terminated” and Elsword closed suddenly. PC Performer then opened and alerted me that something had crashed. Next, my entire computer crashed again.

I’m not sure if this will be any help, but according to PC Performer my computer has:
187 registry errors
15 system related errors
148 Com and ActiveX errors
0 user related errors
24 startup and uninstall errors

I also tend to unplug my computer to turn it off instead of shutting it down properly. I really need help because I use this computer a lot for homework and studying when my sisters or I are not playing games.”

If you could help him with his computer troubles, he and I would be very grateful! Thank you very much for your time and we hope you have a nice day!
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