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Originally Posted by Ninja314 View Post
He All,

I've built my own retro games console for less than 100 (using a Raspberry Pi i picked up for 25) and it's awesome playing all the games from when I was a kid.

I enjoyed building it and I'm just wondering if there are others who would enjoy taking on a project like that too if I made a web video series of how-to guides.
Go for it!!!

My first gaming console was a Sega Genesis, and many many years after that a Playstation One.

What frustrated me most was that a game would come out that I desperately wanted to play, but it would only play on ONE of several competing consoles. I didn't have the money to buy multiple consoles.

If you could build a console that played everything, that would be great.
Pehaps EVEN BETTER would be if there were some way to purchase and download ALL of the console games ever made, and play them on a PC.

I've heard of "emulators" but I know ZERO about computers, and find such things unbelievably confusing and frustrating.

If you could build something that would bring back the original DINO CRISIS one and two for the PC, that would be fantastic.

I did not purchase my first computer until magazines announced that Windows XP is finally an operating system from Microsoft that does NOT constantly crash. It was a Gateway, a huge hunk of garbage. And Dial Up through crummy AOL.

I lived with a woman who worked at a company that created software. Her job was to talk to the programmers and create a user manual.

She told me it was a NIGHtmARE job. She said it was like talking to Aliens From Outer Space.

No social skills. No English Grammar skills. Arrogant, smelly, rude, abrupt, callous, bitter, impatient.

she had to turn their Gibberish into what a Normal Human Being could understand in the manual.

I really miss the old days.....when I got new software, it came with a built in tutorial, no matter what it was......animated arrows flew across the screen and a pleasant voice said, "Click the BLUE button HERE to save your document"

Now everything is "Oh, everybody knows"......Uh, NO. Everyone doesn't.,
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