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smart glasses

a week before christmas I received an invite from amazon for their amazon echo glasses. I ordered a pair and been using them just about every day since before christmas. I am impressed with them though the battery power leaves a lot to be desire.

If you had a pair of them, you really do not need alexa speakers in every room around the house. You can almost whisper and it will hear you. You can use them as a hands free device while driving and in public, as long as you have your phone with you and there's internet access.

what really makes it nice is when shopping, you can tell alexa to take items off your shopping list and have it repeat your shopping list as you shop. I have been using it to play the news, read my emails, get phone notifications, and even made a phone call with them. you can play music on it but it will really drain the battery fast. basically it will do ever thing alexa does and it actually hears better.

One thing I like about it is you can get your out of network insurance to pay for part of it and get prescription lenses for it. Have not decided whether or not to do this yet.

anyway to wanted to brag about my new toy :-)
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