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Windows 10 Won't Boot

I am trying to load a new distribution Windows 10 from a DVD ROM onto a 500 GB SATA HD. The mother board is from a Dell Inspiron micro ATX with 8 GB memory installed. I boot from the DVD ROM, and run the install. Then it tries to start Windows 10. Part way through the Boot, it resets and I get an error message that there is a System Registry error. I have to run the complete install again, but it will reset during the install.

I have tried to load Ubuntu on this machine previously, and had similar reset problems. I also tried a different Hard Drive.

The Mother Board passes the Dell Diagnostic test, including memory test.

Is the problem caused by:

1. Bad Memory sticks?
2. DVD ROM drive?
3. Bad Power Supply?
4. Bad Mother Board?
5. Bad Intel I5 CPU?
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