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Ubuntu Drive Imaging

After some initial issues I have Ubuntu running and I am able at boot to choose between my three OS ie. Windows 7, Windows 10 and Ubuntu (which is now my x-plane 11 drive)

W10 & Ubuntu are on the same SSD.

I would like to create an image of the drives for security. In the past I have used Macrium Reflect of my Windows drives and this has worked well.

I have seen that DD Utility is recommended and I have downloaded the deb file but when I click it I don't seem to be able to get it installed (it doesn't show in Ubuntu Software as the website suggests)

Can someone help me with the install and also tell me if I can image the complete SSD (W10 and Ubuntu) with the software.

Also on a scale of 1 to 10 how difficult is it to use DD?

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