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Originally Posted by Total Noob View Post
Our ISP is crap but that is not one of the problems.
How do you know that you ISP isn't one of the problems, especially since you admitted that it's crap? Have you even bothered calling them for help? I don't understand why you called Samsung's Tech Support, and not your ISP! Also, you say you bought a cheap WiFi Extender, and can't think why a more expensive one would be any better. They make different grades of equipment for a reason. We had to buy one for our home, and after doing a little research we went with a mid priced one, because of reviews written about it compared to cheaper ones. As for setting it up, the thing virtually set itself up, just need a couple of buttons pressed, the instructions were easy to read, but by the time I'd read them, it had already set itself up. On top of that, we have never had to sign into anything, like the way it seems you do. As many regular folks here at CTH can tell you, I'm as cheap as they come.....But it appears I have some competition!!

So let's round this up. You have a crappy ISP, and you bought a cheap WiFi Extender. Yet with the problem you're having, you called Samsung Tech Support to help solve the problem, and because they didn't help, you stated that maybe you just got a weak TS agent! Maybe you were calling the wrong people, to be helping you!!
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