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Originally Posted by smurfy View Post
Yes, I DVD live distro is much slower than an installed one. It is limited by read speed of the drive and RAM.

Rather than dual boot, for a first time I would recommend disconnecting the existing Win7 hard disk (unplug the SATA cable physically from the drive) when you install a spare disk inside. Then there is no risk of affecting the Win7 install or more importantly, corrupting the boot sector (repairing that is more of a pain from Vista onwards).

The GRUB bootloader can be modified later to allow booting back into the Win7 disk when you reconnect it.
Thanks for telling me to disconnect the Windows 7 drive, I would've never thought to do that.
The second hard drive will be inside a removable hard drive rack.
How can I modify the GRUB bootloader so that I can boot into Windows 7?
Thanks for your help Smurfy.
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