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Because you are not sure at this stage that you will be keeping this system as a dual-boot, my recommendation would be the following process:
  1. Disconnect Win7 HDD
  2. Add spare HDD (external is OK as long as BIOS can be set to boot from it
  3. Install Linux to spare HDD
  4. Play around and see if you want to keep it
  5. Try different distros/desktop managers if you don't like the first one you try
  6. Shut down
  7. Reconnect Win7 HDD
  8. Disconnect Linux HDD
  9. Make sure system boots to Windows OK
  10. Reconnect spare HDD
  11. Reinstall your preferred Linux distro to the spare HDD
  12. Installer should see existing Windows OS and automatically add it to GRUB to allow dual-boot.

Step 11 and 12 can be replaced by a GRUB edit and change to the BIOS HDD boot order, but is easier to just let the installer do it.
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