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Please now, do this;

Please run rkill and ComboFix in Safe Mod.
  • Now download RKill.exe (or RKill renamed as iExplore.exe if the first one doesn't work properly) and save it to your desktop
  • Restart your computer in Safe Mode
  • Double click the icon on RKill (or iExplore).
  • A black DOS screen should flash and disappear. If not, try to launch the program with the second file. If neither works please stop and let me know
  • When RKill is finished running you will be presented with a text file and a copy will be saved on your desktop. Copy and paste the contents of this report in your reply
  • Do not reboot your computer

Next, download ComboFix Save to the Desktop
  • Get help here
  • Now, close all open windows
  • Double-click combofix.exe to run the program
  • Follow the prompts.
  • If the option is offered, it is in your best interest to allow the download and install of the Recovery Console when prompted.
  • When told that the RC is installed correctly, press YES to continue scanning for malware.
  • ComboFix will run. Please don't click on the window while the program is running, it may cause your system to stall.
  • CF may reboot the computer and resume running when it restarts.
  • When finished, a log, ComboFix.txt, is produced.
Please provide the contents of the ComboFix report in your reply.

In your next post I need the following
  • Reports from Combofix and rkill.
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