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Unplugged hard drives and it does the same thing.
I tried removing ram. First time I got code 53 Which means memory initialization error invalid memory type or incompatible memory speed
I looked in the book and I think it said to use slot D1 For single stick memory or that’s the way I interpreted the picture. But every stick in that slot does the same thing with the same codes and shuts down and if I try a different slot then I get the code 53 and the computer does not shut down just sits there with the code.
The last 3 codes I get before the computer shuts down 33 then 32 which are both CPU post memory initialization and then 4F and that has two definitions and two different spots one says DXE IPL is started and then on the 2nd it says the same thing but right below it says unspecified memory initialization error but that looks like it’s more under code 54 but there’s not a line separating the two in the book so I’m not sure

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