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I agree with Murf,
An I7 based Laptop is going to be spendy, and out of your $350 limit.


The Laptop on E-bay is a Refurbished unit, and something doesn't seem right about it, especially at that low of a price.

I7 Cpu's have been notorious for over heating.
Gaming Laptops that use them, have had they're owners reporting Cpu's failing due too CPU Heatsink/Fan coming loose.

These used Dell Laptops may need to be taken a part.
The CPU Heatsink/Fan cleaned to get rid of dust clogging it.
Clean off the old Thermal Paste on the CPU & Heatsink,
And put on some fresh Thermal Paste, before remounting the CPU Heatsink/Fan back down.

If it has a GPU also, it too needs the same thing done to it as the CPU.

A lot of these repair places don't physically open up and inspect the Laptop.
They just wipe the HDD and put just the OS and the App Tools that came with the Laptop back on it.
See if it boots up, and all the ports and any devices on it are working.
Then resell it.

One good thing about it is the 1 year warranty.
So, if it fails, he can get his money back, or a replacement.

Signed: Ensign Tzap
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