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Browsing and other issues ! please help


Not sure if this is the righ place for this problem, but I really need some help..

This is a Lenovo E530 Thinkpad, Win 8.1 64 bit, all programs up to date , all scans come up clean : Eset , Windows Defender , Malwarebytes, Farbar Recovery Tool , Adware, Hitman Pro , I also use Temp File Cleaner & CCleaner to get rid of rubbish.

For a few weeks now I have trouble browsing I use Firefox , Pale Moon and Brave ( uninstalled now ) When I open a web page , after a few seconds ( sometimes instantly ) it zooms down to the bottom of the page, the only way I can get back to the top is by holding the "shift" key might keep it stable for a few seconds before it goes down again.

Also instead of opening a new tab.. browser opens a new page .

Bookmarks page opens with the last entry highlighted , and almost impossible to click on anything.

Similar situation when opening libraries, folders , programs , the last entry highlighted , also the Recycling bin has check mark and a highlighted area around it and when I point to other icons on desktop I get a floating text " recycling bin contains files etc " , again I have press Shift key to open program. It even effects my music player..

Must add , there are odd days when everything is stable , but doesn't last long.

I have been searching for solutions, looked at similar issues on the net , also asked for help at an other forum , but from the initial " must be malware" response , got no tips or solution.

I would truly appreciate if you could help me solve this issue.

Thanks in advance
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