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Originally Posted by Murf View Post
If you are dual booting Vista and say XP, and want XP to be the default O/S (Since xp is installed first then VISTA, VISTA makes itself the default system) and you will end up with (in my case)

Older Operating System
Windows Vista

You can change this, I changed mine to Windows XP Professional SP2 by doing the following

XP used the boot.ini file to manage booting, VISTA does not it uses a Boot Manager.

START | ALL PROGRAMS | ACCESSORIES | Command Prompt (supposedly the only way to get there), although I just put command prompt on the start menu. Also Start| Run does not get it.

At the command prompt, in my case was d:\user\murf

I type the following:

bcdedit (<enter>)

Looked at where my XP pro was as it said "Older Operating Systems". it was under {ntdlr} so I typed the following:

bcdedit /set {ntdlr} description "Windows XP Professional SP2"

That was it.

You can also change the time it displays and which one displays first.

bcdedit has taken the place of boot.ini in XP.

if you type bcdedit /? you get the help menu showing what cammands can be used, brought me back to the old DOS days.

I'm getting "Access is denied"

My account is the administrator type
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