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Old March 14th, 2011, 04:03 AM
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Very Strange Problems

First I want to thank you guys for giving support for us, mere newbie humans!

Second: PC specs:
Dual Core 2.60GHz
2gb RAM
Windows XP service pack 2 (too scared to install SP3)
ATI Radeon 4830 (512mb)
Third, i'll specify the problem. PS: I don't know if the issues are related, but when I played for more than 4 hours on SC2 it would start stucking, lagging and then it would reboot. >>Forget about it, may be the hardware on overdrive. I changed graphics for lower and it would work OK. (No problem here)

Then, I sent them an e-mail and they changed my region game, and I'd have to download it again (LA>NA). The big problem however comes after 1.2gb (total: 7gb): The download would make my computer get slow, like VERY slow, and give some 'strange' errors:
1) It would say my HDD doens't have enough space for the game ( 100gb w/o use).
2) Chrome would say there's an "unknown error" and wouldn't open anything.
3) Again, reboot.

....... but NOO problem, after restarting the computer around 5~6 times, I finished the download.

Then my brother said "maybe you need to fix your HDD". Defragment time. Well.. it NEEDED to be defragmented after ALL. I started it, but then around 20% it would say "HDD defragmented". . . . . . but not at all! I analised it again and it said I needed to defragment. Whatever...
Verified errors... And the computer was pretty much ok for the time being. Some errors would appear out of nowhere but It didn't really bug me.

Then, I started playing Aion. However Aion gives me a BSoD everytime (DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) i play. I haven't found the reboot trigger. I can play 2 hours w/o getting rebooted, then I can play for 5 minutes and get a reboot. I asked my father about it (he's an hardware technician) and he said that it could be either the motherboard or HDD (I gave memtest a shot). We don't think its a virus. But then I googled and found that it may be a driver. I updated my video card and nothing happened. Memtest didn't give errors. Any thoughts?
[PS: At low graphics, StarCraft 2 doens't give any errors. League of Legends doens't give me any errors (yes I play LoL). But Aion BSoDs me.]
Help and thanks.

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