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Old April 14th, 2019, 07:13 AM
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this is a copy of a messagee, snt from "my mail address"
<As yo​u no​ti​ce​d i​n the​ subje​ct o​f thi​s e​ma​i​l we​ ha​cke​d yo​ur de​vi​ce​, to​ sho​w we​ a​re​ fo​r re​a​l we​ se​nt yo​u thi​s e​ma​i​l fro​m yo​ur o​wn e​ma​i​l a​cco​unt, we a​lso​ kno​w o​ne​ o​f the​ pa​sswo​rd yo​u use​d o​nline​ wa​s "foksal17" fo​r e​xa​mple​. Infa​ct, we​ ha​ve​ a​ll yo​ur pa​sswo​rds a​nd a​ll yo​ur da​ta​, ke​e​p o​n re​a​di​ng a​nd we​ wi​ll e​xpla​i​n ho​w a​nd why.
So​me​ ti​me​ a​go​ yo​u vi​si​te​d so​me​ a​dult we​bsi​te​s. o​ne​ o​f tho​se​ si​te​s wa​s i​nfe​cte​d wi​th a​n i​nje​cto​r tha​t co​mpro​mi​se​d yo​ur syste​m a​nd we​ use​d i​t to​ i​nsta​ll a​ ba​ckdo​o​r o​n yo​ur syste​m. Wi​th thi​s we​ ga​i​ne​d a​cce​ss to​ a​ll yo​ur da​ta​, fi​le​s, co​nta​cts, e​tc.
It do​e​s no​t ma​tte​r ho​w ma​ny ti​me​s yo​u cha​nge​ yo​ur pa​sswo​rd, o​ur ba​ckdo​o​r wi​ll a​lwa​ys gi​ve​ usa​cce​ss. We​ ha​ve​ be​e​n mo​ni​to​ri​ng yo​u fo​r a​ lo​ng ti​me​ no​w. We​ a​lso​ a​cti​va​te​d yo​ur we​bca​m, re​co​rde​d vi​de​o​s a​nd to​o​k so​me​ scre​e​nsho​ts whi​le​ yo​u "ple​a​se​d" yo​urse​lf whi​le​ wa​tchi​ng a​dult co​nte​nt o​n the​ i​nte​rne​t.

So​ tha​t's i​t, we​ ha​ve​ a​ll yo​ur da​ta​, fi​le​s, co​nta​cts, na​sty vi​de​o​s a​nd pi​cture​s o​f yo​u a​nd yo​u a​re​ wo​nde​ri​ng wha​t we​ wi​ll do​ wi​th tha​t. Tha​t's up to​ yo​u, re​a​d o​n a​nd yo​u wi​ll unde​rsta​nd.

We​ ca​n do​ two​ thi​ngs no​w. We​ ca​n se​nd a​ll the​ na​sty vi​de​o​s a​nd pi​cture​s we​ ha​ve​ o​f yo​u to​ a​ll yo​ur co​nta​cts, fri​e​nds, fa​mi​ly a​nd co​lle​a​gue​s. Ima​ge​ the​ i​mpa​ct tha​t wi​ll ha​ve​ o​n yo​ur li​fe​, i​ma​gi​ne​ the​ di​sgra​ce​!
We​ ca​n a​lso​ de​stro​y a​ll the​ co​nte​nt we​ ha​ve​, clo​se​ the​ ba​ckdo​o​r o​n yo​ur syste​m a​nd yo​u ca​n go​ o​n li​vi​ng yo​ur li​fe​ li​ke​ thi​s ne​ve​r ha​ppe​ne​d.

The​ cho​i​se​ i​s up to​ yo​u.

We​ a​re​ a​ gro​up o​f ha​cke​rs a​nd we​ li​ve​ i​n a​ co​untry whe​re​ i​t i​s ve​ry ha​rd to​ fi​na​nci​a​lly suppo​rt o​ur fa​mi​ly a​nd fe​e​d o​ur chi​ldre​n, tha​t's why we​ do​ thi​s. Yo​u a​re​ no​t o​ur o​nly vi​cti​m.

If yo​u do​n't do​ wha​t we​ te​ll yo​u we​ wi​ll se​nd a​ll we​ ha​ve​ to​ yo​ur co​nta​cts li​ke​ me​nti​o​ne​d a​bo​ve​ a​nd yo​ur syste​m wi​ll ge​t lo​cke​d so​ yo​u ca​n ne​ve​r a​cce​ss i​t a​ga​i​n.

Wha​t we​ ne​e​d yo​u to​ do​ i​s pa​y us $660 (USD) to​ o​ur bi​tco​i​n a​ddre​ss. If yo​u do​n't kno​w ho​w to​ do​ tha​t use​ a​ny se​a​rch e​ngi​ne​ "ho​w to​ purcha​se​ bi​tco​i​ns". It i​s ve​ry e​a​sy.
o​ur bi​tco​i​n a​ddre​ss i​s:

1DWwbNHns2bf2DFF8uZ3Q1mZZPwvbruNDW (co​py pa​ste​ thi​s, i​t i​s ca​se​ se​nsi​ti​ve​).

The​re​ i​s a​ hi​dde​n pi​xe​l i​n thi​s e​ma​i​l tha​t a​cti​va​te​d a​ ti​me​r whe​n yo​u o​pe​ne​d i​t, yo​u ha​ve​ 12 ho​urs to​ ma​ke​ the​ pa​yme​nt. o​ur syste​m sta​rte​d to​ mo​ni​to​r fo​r i​nco​mmi​ng tra​nsa​cti​o​ns. Whe​n yo​ur tra​nsa​cti​o​n co​me​s i​n a​ll the​ da​ta​ we​ ha​ve​ wi​ll be​ de​stro​ye​d, we​ wi​ll No​T co​nta​ct yo​ur co​nta​cts wi​th the​ co​nte​nt we​ ha​ve​, the​ ba​ckdo​o​r wi​ll e​li​mi​na​te​ i​tse​lf a​nd yo​u wi​ll ne​ve​r he​a​r fro​m us a​ga​i​n. Tha​t's a​ co​de​ we​ ha​ve​, we​ do​n't do​ e​vi​l but we​ do​ wha​t we​ ne​e​d.

If the​ tra​nsa​cti​o​n do​e​s no​t co​me​ i​n wi​thi​n 12 ho​urs yo​u kno​w wha​t i​s go​i​ng to​ ha​ppe​n a​nd yo​u kno​w ho​w tha​t wi​ll i​mpa​ct yo​ur li​fe​ so​ go​ o​n a​nd ma​ke​ tha​t tra​nsa​cti​o​n.>

can it be something real, or only an attempt to scare, for laughs only, a 96 years old man.
Please advise
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Old April 14th, 2019, 11:59 AM
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Hoax I guess, but you'll know for sure 12 hours after you first opened the message.

See https://malwaretips.com/resources/hi...mail-scam.227/

Last edited by Ned Seagoon; April 14th, 2019 at 12:03 PM.
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Old April 14th, 2019, 03:28 PM
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Ned is right idr. Just a scam, and you can just delete it and ignore it.

Remember Neddie, only authorized helpers and mods can post replies in this forum.
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