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Old March 3rd, 2019, 10:10 PM
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Thank you for taking a look.

I am using Windows 7 64 bit on HP desktop p6710f

trying to use Audacity version 2.3.0

It will accept input from two sources, this is confirmed with tracks made and played already.


I wish to create ONE TRACK. Not multiple tracks I will then have to figure out how to turn into one track.

This is incredibly complicated, frustrating and HOSTILE software.

The "manual" for it is longer and more difficult to use than the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The forums to support Audacity are so insane it takes six hours after trying to post for help to get Mod to approve the post, and when you get a reply it is crystal clear the person can't actually READ ENGLISH.

Trillions of "how to use Audacity" video on YouTube. One hundred percent of them are made by 12 year old boys who can't actually speak english.

I'm trying to record with a microphone, pause the track, or even stop the track, then
switch to a different input source, internet.

Pause again, or stop again.

Switch back to microphone. Then back to Internet.

Hopefully this is as CRYSTAL CLEAR to you as it is to me.

I dont' want to be stuck spending centuries splicing together thrity thousand tracks.

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