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virtual vpn network not working

I recently suffered some catastrophic flooding and had to relocate my computer installation. At that time I saw a video on utube showing how I might set up a virtual vpn network using a second Router.
After following the video and doing what was called for, I found I could not get the system to work and wrote an email to the individual who had posted the video. I have not received a response and so turn here for help.
Below is the email I sent which delineates all that I did.
If there is anyone out there that can tell me where I went wrong, and offer some advice on making it work, I would really appreciate it.
Please note that I was not trying to set up a remote access point, but a virtual vpn.

After having sufffered recent flooding, I found it neccessary to relocate my computer system. Additionally i decided to establish a virtual vpn network utilizing a second router as demonstrated in your video on utube. Despite having followed what I understood from the video however, I have encountered problems that I have been unable to resolve. I will describe what I have done and the problems that persist in the fervent hope that you can and will offer some guidance towards correcting the issues.
The primary router in the system is a netgear AC1900 Nighthawk R7000, with a gateway IP address of This is the IP addess that is listed when I access ipconfig through cmd. This router has the following wifi accounts configured: a 2.4 gHz, a 5.0 gHz and 2 guest accounts at 2.4 and 5.0 gHz respectively. I can access the internet from this router, but find that not all the accounts are listed on this network. Only the 2.4 and 5.0 accounts show up as available wifi accounts for this network; neither of the guest accounts does. DHCP is enabled for this network.
The secondary router, and the one that should supply the vpn network is a Belkin AC1900, with a gateway IP address of Associated with this network are the following wifi accounts: a 2.4 gHz, a 5.0 gHz, and one guest account that is, I believe 2.4 gHz. Of these accounts, only the 5.0 gHz account and the guest account are listed as available wifi; the 2.4 gHz account is absent from the list. Additionally, none of these accounts enjoys internet access. I enabled DHCP on this router as well as I wanted to establlish the virtual vpn network and not merely an access point.
As per the video, the routers were configured separately and powered down. After configuration, the modem, was also powered down and interconnected as followes: An ethernet cable was coonected from the wan port of the modem to the wan port of the primary router, a second cable was connected from a lan port on the primary to the wan port on the secondary, and finally a third cable was connected from a lan port on the secondary to the ethernet port on a new laptop.
When the connections were completed, I rebooted the system as follows: modem first, primary second, and secondary third. I waited until each component had fully rebooted before rebooting the next component.
On the secondary routers network, I can only access the internet through the wired connection; none of the wifi will connect, and as mentioned above, not all the accounts associated with the secondary router are listed.
On the primary routers network, I can access the internet througth any of the listed wifi accounts, but not all of the wifi accounts are listed.
On both networks each account has a name separate and unique to itself; there is no duplication of names or passwords wiithin or between accounts or networks. Additionally each network has a unique IP address and only the address associated with the primary router is listed in the ipconfig.
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