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Old July 25th, 2006, 10:44 AM
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Hints for posting in this forum.

Welcome to the Gaming forum.
This forum covers all aspects of gaming including (but not limited to):
- The basic hardware e.g. PCs, Displays, Controllers, Consoles etc
- Software
- Operating System
- Network (including on-line play)

There is no shortage of members wanting to help answer your questions and try to solve your problems but it will significantly speed up the process of providing help if as much of the following important information is included in your first post:
  1. [1.] The title(s) of the game(s) you are dealing with. If it's all games you try, please give some examples.
    [2.] The platform (PC, MAC, PS2, XBox360 etc)
    [3.] Internet Connection method
    [4.] How long the problem has been going on - and whether you have previously been able to play without the current problem
    [5.] For PC -
    1. [a] Operating System
      [b] Microsoft DirectX Version
      [c] Hardware Summary - Particularly:
      1. Motherboard Make & Model
      2. Video Card/Chip Make and Model And DRIVER version Number
      3. CPU Type and Speed
      4. RAM details
      5. Soundcard/Chip Type
If you don't know this information, the best way of getting it is a system information tool like one of the following:
Download Everest from here
SIW (System Information for Windows)
SIV (SystemInformationViewer)

Make sure your Graphics drivers are up to date:
nVidia Drivers
ATi Drivers
Matrox drivers
SiS drivers
Intel drivers
S3 drivers

Make sure you have visited the game developer/publisher's website and updated your game with any patches available.
Make sure (if running Windows) that all Microsoft Windows Updates are completed.

A reminder that we will NOT help anyone we suspect of having obtained their software illegally.

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