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Old December 1st, 2017, 03:44 AM
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IP issue

Not really sure if this is the right topic, but here goes.

When i go to my webmail service using a regular computer, the log in screen shows a little box with the current temp somewhere very near my location. I figure the server reads my IP address and can guesstimate where i am. Once i log in, i get a reading for my former location, which i presume occurs bc i never changed my profile after moving. I presume it is reacting to the old profile.

Today i went to my webmail on my phone, accessing the server via 4g. The temp i was shown was for Indiana, half way between where i am and where i used to be, and seems completely random.

Is my 4g using a vpn that conceals my true location and identity? Am i free to use 4g in a more covert way even on my phone bc it is hard to track? Are terrorists doing that?


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