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Old July 12th, 2006, 10:32 PM
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World of Warcraft + Installation issues

Ok, here is the problem. I used to have WoW on my computer and I guess I uninstalled it at one point in my life. Now, I can't seem to install the game without the computer restarting itself during the installation process.

I have done several virus scans (the first was with AVG) and the first time the computer would restart itself. I tried another one out, something about moo. ANyways, it caught about 1 trojan. Afterwards (I think the next day) I did an error check thing. You know the thing windows has to to check for errors? Well 8-9 hours later it finished. Today I finished defragmenting and I once again attempted to install the game and once again the computer had restarted itself (as you can see, there's a pattern going on here).

I went to the WoW FAQs and it said to copy the information from the cd's to a desktop folder, did that and it's not the cd-roms that is doing this. I even cleaned out the temp folder in the windows folder. I am running out of ideas
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