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Old November 21st, 2017, 03:51 PM
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Unable to install fsx acceleration

I hope this is in the right place as I was not sure where to put it at because the problem is game related but is a WINDOWS 10 issue.
I have FSXGOLD which comes with FSX ACCELERATION and the problem started when I installed the creator update. The first thing I discovered was that FSX was no longer activated. The update somehow removed it Than I made another discovery FSX was no longer on my lists of programs to uninstall. I had to put in disk 1 and remove FSX that way. I than made sure to remove any folders that were left behind and ran what is called a reset tool which you have to run before you can reinstall FSX.
FSX reinstalled with no problems I activated it and than shut it down
I than tried to install ACCELERATION which installed but never gave me the opportunity to activate it and deactivated FSX I tried several time to install ACCELERATION but no luck I finally gave up and just installed service pack 1 & 2 which ACCELERATION had on it
Any ideas as to how I can get ACCELERATION installed?
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