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Old September 14th, 2008, 12:11 AM
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Dual Core Upgrade failure

Hey everybody, lookin for some advice on a failure to upgrade my system to a dual core CPU

Specs: Compaq SR1750NX Athlon 64 3500 (939) on A8AE-LE mobo Bios 3.13
Added Hardware ATI 1900GT Video card and 250gb USB HD

I was upgrading to Athlon X2 4200

I spent 2 days researching and googling making sure that I do it properly. Everything seemed to be in order, Installation went fine. When I fired it up fan on heatsink came online everything looked good. Windows loaded and detected the multiprocessor and then it prompted me to reboot to finish intalling the drivers. Once I rebooted, the compaq screen came up and then when the Loading Windows screen came up it just shutdown. Everything shut down but the green light on the front remained on, so I had to unplug it and then fire it up again. Same result. So I thought maybe it was a windows load problem, so I decided to enter the setup at the compaq screen and try SAFE MODE, but after maybe 10 seconds in the setup screen it shut down again......

So at this point I reinstalled the Athlon 64 3500 CPU and eveything is just fine (I'm typing this on the computer in question)

I'm not much of a Computer Guru but the only things I can think of are power and heat related.

1. I'm using the PSU it came with maybe its too much? But at the setup screen can't be fully loaded power wise?
2. When I took out the Dual core after it failed the thermal grease looked a little uneven (some bare spots on heatsink) but on the CPU it was spread evenly, maybe the heatsink was uneven or something and caused it to overheat ....But if it over heated wouldn't that fry the mobo and chip and I wouldn't be able to get it going with the old chip?
3.Maybe just faulty Chip (Ebay) But if its faulty why did it load on the first startup?

I'm hoping I didn't waste my time and money on this Chip so if anybody has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Old September 14th, 2008, 12:57 AM
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My suggestion would be to start from scratch, double checking the thermal grease between the heatsink and psu. I would also reset the bios to factory defaults before swapping the cpu.
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Old September 14th, 2008, 01:51 AM
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Alright, thanks for the quick reply, I tried switching it out again, instead using the heatsink that came with the system, not the heatsink that came with the CPU (it seemed a little "off" anyways) reapplied grease using the dab method instead of spreading it myself....and it fired up and it seems to be working well so far......

The temps seem normal and stable and no crashes or anything. I havent noticed much of a difference in anything performance wise...but I'm installing some optimizers and such.

I'm a little nervous about doing anything with the BIOS, because the only update Compaq has is 3.15 which has some vista fixes in it. I have also heard of some issues with 3.15. I also can't seem to find 3.14. I just made sure that 3.13 supported dual core and went from there.

In conclusion, my guess was that the heatsink wasn't sitting properly and there was poor conduction...which seems to be fixed now. If that was the case though I'm surprised nothing got fried....probably lucky too.

Anyways thanks for the help...and if anybody has links or anything that leads to getting the most out of a dual core it would be greatly appreciated....and i'll be giving google a good workout

Thanks again
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