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Old September 25th, 2019, 02:49 PM
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Windows 10 update

A few weeks ago there was a major update released for windows 10 (64) bit
I call it a major update because it updates in stages and restarts your system a couple of times.
I had all ready ran it on one of my computers at work with no problem.
So when I got home I ran it on my system. Every thing appeared to work correctly I got no error messages so I figured everything was okay.
Boy was I in for a surprise. I was wanting to fly a flight using FSX Steam version and when it cam up I got an error message saying that my default flight was corrupt and could not be loaded and would now load the default flight that came with FSX.
So I am thinking now what.
I soon discovered that an important file a .air file was no longer there so that meant one thing the update removed it for reasons unknown. I soon discovered that this was not the only thing that was no longer present I spent the next several hours restoring files and folders that were removed.
Now mind you none of these file were on my C drive but I know the registry is
So some how during the update my registry was changed.
Of course updates are not supposed to change or remove any entries from the registry without a valid reason so what happened who knows

I have since had my system checked by Jartan for anything that did not belong and was given a clean bill of health

Bottom line here I will no longer trust any update any more I will make a backup before I run another update as that was not fun to say the least
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Old September 28th, 2019, 02:13 AM
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Windows 10 update 1903 basically replaces the operating system in its entirety. So it replaces the Registry.

Specifically, Windows 10 will no longer automatically install big updates like the May 2019 Update and October 2018 Update every six months without your permission. Now, youíll see a notification and itís your choice when you want to install the update.

Donít want to install the update? Thatís fine. You can keep using your current version of Windows 10 for as long as itís supported with security updatesóthatís 18 months after release. But, once every 18 months, you will be forced to update to keep getting security fixes. This is much better than once every six months, and it gives you a lot more control.
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