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guptabio June 29th, 2022 09:40 AM

Hide extensions for known file types
I want to hide File name extensions. I clicked on the View button in File Explorer, took the cursor over Show and unchecked File name extensions. Nothing changed. I clicked on the three dots near View, clicked on Options, then on View and checked Hide extensions for known file types. Then I clicked on Apply followed by OK. Nothing changed.
Someone suggested that I should uninstall and re-install Bitdefender Internet Security, but I havenít done that.
File name extensions have become visible only 7-8 days ago.

renegade600 June 30th, 2022 02:10 AM

try disabling bit defender instead of uninstalling to see if it is causing the problem.

guptabio July 2nd, 2022 01:55 PM

My problem is solved. In Settings, I switched on Developer Mode and then changed File Explorer settings. Then, I switched off the Developer Mode. File name extensions are hidden now. I didn't have to disable the antivirus.

The Dude July 8th, 2022 12:35 AM

Im glad you were able da fix things :)

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